Recommended Software Specifications

Windows When purchasing a Windows based computer for use on the UA or UA SPH network, we strongly suggets only Windows Professional operating systems. Windows Home operating systems (Vista\7) are not suggested for usage as it is not compatible with some critical statistical software used.

Apple/Mac SPH offer numerous classes rich in SAS, SPH currently doesn't have a MAC compatible version of SAS. Mac owners should have additional software installed to enabling them to run Windows based software to ensure software functionality incase MAC versions are not available. Also keep in mind the Windows software recommendations than applies and only Windows Professional operating systems is supported.

Follow the links that suits your situation the best: Student, Faculty personal computer, Faculty UA owned computer

Feature Minimum Recommended Preferred (if applicable) Rationale for Recommendation
Windows Windows 7 (Windows XP/Vista and lower are not supported on campus)
Windows 10 64bit Windows 10 offers the best stability and security. SAS will work on both current versions of Windows Home and Professional based operating systems.
Productivity/Office MS Office 2016/OpenOffice/LibreOffice OpenOffice, LibreOffice, MS Office 2016 (MS Office 2016 for MAC)
Productivity software is needed for presentations and papers..

** If you plan on purchasing a MAC please see MAC software recommendations to ensure you are able to run class related software.

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